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Ritual provides offices of all sizes with employer-paid meal credits for breakfast and lunch perks, or after-hours dinners and weekends (with built-in expense tracking). Beloved by employees. Simple to manage.

Meal credits for the office
Eat as a team or provide the flexibility for individuals to eat lunch or dinner on their own schedules. Companies competing for top talent love this program, which offers employees the most choice and personalization of any program in the country.

Set your budget and schedule and let go-the program will run on autopilot, and you will get a single invoice for all orders. Get used to saying, "You're welcome!"
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How it works
Employers set a budget and schedule, such as giving employees $10 of Ritual credits on Mondays and Fridays.
Ritual issues credits to employees for use at meals at any of hundreds of Ritual restaurants near your office.
Employees order their meals using the credits. Any overage is charged to their credit card; any leftover credits are returned.
Dinner after hours
Whether you're looking to introduce an after-hours dinner program or eliminate expense reimbursements, we can help. Top law firms, management consulting firms, and startups already use our service-so you'll be in good company.

We'll send you one invoice along with detailed transaction logs for easy record keeping. We can also add department codes, expense codes, and notes to each order to assist with internal reconciliation and cost attribution.
Wellness Perks & Benefits
Our wellness program is extremely affordable, ties into the weekly habits and routines of your employees, and saves them money when they choose to eat healthy.

Read about our philosophy & nutritional criteria.
Building Company Culture
Ritual has a natural way of integrating in to a company's culture. After all, food is an organic way to connect teams and build trust. This is especially evident at SoapBox, a Toronto based company that was named the best workplace in Canada by Great Place to Work in 2016. We heard first hand how Ritual has contributed to their inspiring office culture in a Q&A with their CEO, Brennan McEachran.

You won't believe the lengths SoapBox will go for Ritual points! Click here to read more.
Why customers love us
“I think the reason Ritual is so successful for us is because it gives our staff the ability to order what they want, when they want, rather than have a set menu catered to the office. We provide Ritual credits on Monday and our staff have the flexibility to place orders throughout the week, with overages charged to personal cards, and leftover funds returned to us.”
Liza Haddad
“The initial response to the use of Ritual has been very positive at Osler. Our diners have benefitted from ease of use of the app, flexibility of options, and the courteous Ritual staff who support us. We have been very pleased to partner with Ritual for our evening meals program.”
Heather Smith
Osler LLP